Major General
William S. Rosecrans
William S. Rosecrans
Basic Information
Born September 6, 1819
Kingston, Ohio
Died March 11, 1898
Redondo, California
Buried at Arlington National Cemetery
Alma Mater United States Military Academy
Military Information
Allegiance 20px United States
branch 20px United States Army
Years of Service 1842-1854, 1861-1867, 1889
Rank 20px Major General

William Starke Rosecrans

Military AssignmentsEdit

Sleeve Insignia Name Position Headquarters Begin Date End Date

Dates of RankEdit

Regular Army

Grade Rank Insignia Name Branch Insignia Date of Rank Age Notes
No Insignia Cadet July 1, 1838 18
O-1 No Insignia Brevet
2nd Lieutenant
July 1, 1842 22
O-1 No Insignia 2nd Lieutenant April 3, 1843 23
O-2 1st Lieutenant March 3, 1853 33
Resigned April 1, 1854 34
O-7 Brigadier General May 16, 1861 41 accepted: June 17, 1861
Resigned March 28, 1867 47
O-7 Brigadier General February 27, 1889 69 accepted: March 2, 1889
Retired March 2, 1889 69

Union Army / United States Volunteer

Grade Rank Insignia Name Branch Insignia Date of Rank Age Notes
O-6 Colonel June 12, 1861 41
Honorable Mustered Out June 16, 1861 41
O-8 Major General March 21, 1862 42
Honorable Mustered Out January 26, 1866 46


Mexican-American War

  • No Active Service

American Civil War

  • Battle of Rich Mountain
  • Battle of Carnifax Ferry
  • Battle of Luka
  • Battle of Corinth
  • Battle of Stones River
  • Tullahoma Campaign
  • Battle of Chickamauga
  • Battle of Chattanooga


"Although he showed some strategic ability in his advance, Rosecrans proved a poor tactical leader in the field." ~ Ulysses S. Grant

"General Rosecrans seems to be insensible to the impending danger and dawdles with trifles..." ~ Charles Dana (Army of the Cumberland)

"...Rosecrans proved slow to move, reluctant to fight and ineffective in battle." ~ Peter Doyle & Matthew R. Bennett (Fields of Battle)

Photo GalleryEdit

William S. Rosecrans6

Early Military career

William S. Rosecrans9

in Civilian School

William S. Rosecrans7

Major General, USV

William S. Rosecrans3

Major General, USV

William S. Rosecrans8

Major General, USV

William S. Rosecrans5

Major General, USV

William S. Rosecrans4

Major General, USV

William S. Rosecrans1

in Retirement c. 1880's