Major General
William "Billy" Mitchell
Billy Mitchell
Born December 28, 1879
  • Nice, France
Died February 19, 1936 (56)
  • New York City,
    New York
Buried at Forest Home Cemetery
Alma mater George Washington University
Military Info
Allegiance US Flag United States
branch US Department of the Army Seal United States Army
Years of Service 1898-1926
Rank Major General Insignia Major General

William "Billy" Mitchell (December 28, 1879 – February 19, 1936)

Military AssignmentsEdit

Sleeve Insignia Name Position Headquarters Begin Date End Date

Military & Civilian SchoolsEdit

Dates of RankEdit

Regular Army

Grade Rank Insignia Name Branch Insignia Date of Rank Age Notes
1st Lieutenant Insignia
1st Lieutenant
US Army Signal Corps Insignia
February 2, 1901 accepted: April 26, 1901
Captain insignia
US Army Signal Corps Insignia
March 2, 1903
Major insignia
US Army Signal Corps Insignia
July 1, 1916
Lieutenant Colonel insignia
Lieutenant Colonel
US Army Aviation Insignia
May 15, 1917
Colonel insignia
US Army Aviation Insignia
July 1, 1920
Brigadier General insignia
Assistant Chief of Air Service
US Army Aviation Insignia
July 1, 1920 accepted: July 16, 1920
Major General Insignia
Major General July 18, 1947

Awards and DecorationsEdit

Distinguished Service Cross
Army Distinguished Service Medal Spanish War Service Medal Philippine Campaign Medal Army of Cuban Pacification Medal
Army of Cuban Occupation Medal World War I Victory Medal Croix de Guerre 1914-1918 War Merit Cross (Italy)
Legion of Honour Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus Order St-Michael and St-George (UK) Order of the Crown of Italy


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