War Merit Cross
War Merit Cross

War Merit Cross (Germany)
Awarded by Germany
Type Military Decoration
Awarded for Meritorious Service
Status Obsolete
Established October 18, 1939
First awarded 1939
Last awarded 1945
Total awarded
Next (higher) Iron Cross, 1939
Next (lower) War Merit Medal

The War Merit Cross (German: Kriegsverdienstkreuz)


Established in 1939

  • War Merit Cross 2nd Class
  • War Merit Cross 1st Class
  • Knights Cross of the War Merit Cross
  • Knights Cross of the War Merit Cross in Gold

Two Variants

  • w/o Swords: Awarded to non-combat soldiers or Citizens
  • Swords: Awarded to front line soldiers
War Merit Cross, Swords

WMC with Swords

War Merit Cross, 1957 issue

1957 re-issue

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