United States Assistant Secretary of War (1861 - 1867)Edit

No. Name Photo Term of Office Political Party Secretary of War(s) President(s)
Began Ended Days of
Thomas A. Scott [[File: 10 March 1861 24 January 1862 Republican Simon Cameron;
Edwin M. Stanton
Abraham Lincoln
Peter H. Watson [[File: 24 January 1862 28 January 1862 Edwin M. Stanton
John Tucker [[File: 29 January 1862 10 June 1862
Christopher P. Wolcott [[File: 11 June 1862 04 April 1863 died in office
Charles A. Dana [[File: 28 January 1864 26 July 1866 Andrew Johnson
Thomas T. Eckert [[File: 27 July 1866 1867

United States Assistant Secretary of War (1882 - 1883)Edit

United States Assistant Secretary of War (1890 - 1940)Edit

United States Under Secretary of War (1940 - 1947)Edit

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