United States Army Forces Command
Army Ground Forces
Basic Information
Created July 1, 1973
Active 7.1.1973 - Present
Country 20px United States
Allegiance 20px United States Army
Branch Regular Army
Type Command formation
Garrison/HQ Fort Monroe, Virginia

Commanding General(s)Edit

Name Garrison/HQ Begin Date End Date
1. GEN [[File: Walter T. Kerwin, Jr.
2. GEN [[File: Bernard W. Rogers
3. GEN [[File: Frederick J. Kroesen, Jr.
4. GEN [[File: Robert M. Shoemaker
5. GEN [[File: Richard E. Cavazos
6. GEN [[File: Robert W. Sennewald
7. GEN [[File: Joseph T. Palastra, Jr.
8. GEN [[File: Colin L. Powell
9. GEN [[File: Edwin H. Burba, Jr.
10. GEN [[File: Dennis J. Reimer
11. GEN [[File: John H. Tilelli, Jr.
12. GEN [[File: David A. Bramlett
13. GEN [[File: Thomas A. Schwartz
14. GEN [[File: John W. Hendrix
15. GEN [[File: Larry R. Ellis
16. GEN [[File: Dan K. McNeill
17. GEN [[File: Charles C. Campbell
18. GEN [[File: James D. Thurman
* LTG [[File: Harold B. Bromberg
19. GEN [[File: David M. Rodriguez

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