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School of Fire for Field Artillery (1910-16; 1917-19)

Field Artillery School (1919-46)

Artillery School (1946-55)

Artillery and Guided Missile School (1955-57)

U.S. Army Artillery and Guided Missile School (1957)

U.S. Army Artillery and Missile School (1957-69)

U.S. Army Field Artillery School (1969-present)


# Photo Rank Name Garrison/HQ Begin Date End Date
[[File: [[]]
[[File: Dan T. Moore Fort Sill, Oklahoma July 19, 1911 September 14, 1914
[[File: Edward F. McGlachlin, Jr. Fort Sill, Oklahoma September 15, 1914 June 26, 1916
[[File: William T. Snow Fort Sill, Oklahoma July 27, 1917 September 26, 1917
[[File: Adrian S. Fleming Fort Sill, Oklahoma September 26, 1917 May 11, 1918
[[File: Laurin L. Lawson Fort Sill, Oklahoma May 11, 1918 December 18, 1918
[[File: BG Dennis H. Currie Fort Sill, Oklahoma December 24, 1918 June 10, 1919
[[File: BG Edward T. Donnelly Fort Sill, Oklahoma June 30, 1919 July 9, 1919
[[File: COL Richard H. McMasters Fort Sill, Oklahoma July 25, 1919 October 24, 1919
[[File: BG Ernest Hinds Fort Sill, Oklahoma October 25, 1919 July 1, 1923
[[File: BG George Le R. Irwin Fort Sill, Oklahoma July 1, 1923 April 1, 1928
[[File: BG Dwight E. Aultman Fort Sill, Oklahoma April 4, 1928 December 12, 1929
[[File: BG William M. Cruikshank Fort Sill, Oklahoma February 8, 1930 July 31, 1934
- [[File: BG Robert C. Foy Fort Sill, Oklahoma August 2, 1934 September 16, 1934
[[File: BG Henry W. Butner Fort Sill, Oklahoma September 17, 1934 May 10, 1936
[[File: COL Augustine McIntyre Fort Sill, Oklahoma June 29, 1936 July 31, 1940
[[File: BG George R. Allin Fort Sill, Oklahoma January 20, 1941 June 30, 1942
[[File: Jesmond D. Balmer Fort Sill, Oklahoma July 1, 1942 January 12, 1944
[[File: MG Orlando Ward Fort Sill, Oklahoma January 12, 1944 October 30, 1944
[[File: MG Ralph M. Pennell Fort Sill, Oklahoma October 31, 1944 October, 1945
[[File: MG Louis E. Hibbs Fort Sill, Oklahoma August 30, 1945 June 4, 1946
[[File: Clift Andrus Fort Sill, Oklahoma June 18, 1946 April, 1949
[[File: Joseph M. Swing Fort Sill, Oklahoma April 9, 1949 March 31, 1950
[[File: MG Arthur M. Harper Fort Sill, Oklahoma April 2, 1950 November 16, 1953
[[File: Charles E. Hart
[[File: Edward T. Williams
[[File: Thomas E. de Shazo
[[File: Verdi B. Barnes
[[File: Lewis S. Griffing
[[File: Harry H. Critz
[[File: Charles P. Brown
[[File: Roderick Wetherill
[[File: David E. Ott
[[File: Donald R. Keith
[[File: Jack N. Meritt
[[File: Edward A. Dinges
[[File: John S. Crosby
[[File: Eugene S. Korpal
[[File: Raphael J. Hallada
[[File: Fred F. Marty
[[File: John A. Dubia
[[File: Randall L. Rigby
[[File: Leo J. Baxter
[[File: Toney Stricklin
[[File: David Valcourt
[[File: David C. Ralston
[[File: Ross E. Ridge
[[File: Thomas S. Vandal
[[File: Brian McKiernan

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