General Officer graduates who attended the United States Military Academy, at West Point from June 13, 1899 to June 11, 1903. 93 cadets graduated in this class.


Name Birthday Appointment Cullum # Branch Battalion Rank Final Rank
1. Douglas MacArthur January 26, 1880 Wisconsin 4122 US Army Engineer Insignia 1st Captain General of the Army
4. Max C. Tyler September 25, 1880 North Dakota 4125 US Army Engineer Insignia Captain Brigadier General
6. Ulysses S. Grant III July 4, 1881 - 4127 US Army Engineer Insignia Major General
7. Julian L. Schley February 23, 1880 Georgia 4128 US Army Engineer Insignia Major General
12. Richard C. Moore December 24, 1880 Missouri 4133 US Army Engineer Insignia Lieutenant Major General
15. Frederick H. Smith May 30, 1879 Ohio 4136 US Army Field Artillery Insignia Major General
21. George A. Lynch March 12, 1880 Iowa 4142 US Army Infantry Insignia Major General
56. Campbell B. Hodges March 27, 1880 Louisiana 4177 US Army Infantry Insignia Lieutenant Major General

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