Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
Distinctive Unit Insignia


Allegiance 40px United States of America
Branch 40px United States Army
Current HQ


  • Constituted 15 October 1921 in the Organized Reserves as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Sixth Army.
  • Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Sixth Army, demobilized 1 October 1933 at St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Constituted 22 January 1943 in the Army of the United States as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Sixth Army.
  • Inactivated 26 January 1946 in Japan.
  • Allotted 16 December 1952 to the Regular Army.
  • Redesignated 1 January 1957 as Headquarters and Heaquarters Company, Sith United States Army.

Shoulder Sleeve InsigniaEdit

  • Description : On a six pointed white star 2 1/2 inches (6.35 cm) in diameter with a red border 3/32 inch (.24 cm) wide and 3/32 inch (.24 cm) in from the edge, a red letter “A” 7/8 inch (2.22 cm) high, all on a 2 3/4 inch (6.99 cm) Army Green disc.
  • Symbolism : The six pointed star is significant of the number “six” and the red letter “A” signifies “Army.” The red and white colors are the colors of the design approved for distinguishing flags for the numbered Armies.
  • Background : The shoulder sleeve insignia was originally approved for the Sixth Army on 26 January 1927. The original design was cancelled and a new design approved on 10 January 1945. It was amended to change the background color from olive drab to Army Green on 6 December 1960.

Distinctive Unit InsigniaEdit

  • Description : A gold color metal and enamel device 1 3/16 inches (3.02 cm) in height overall consisting of a white six-pointed star (formed by two equilateral triangles) one point up from which issues 12 rays, 6 of gold alternating with 6 of red forming in silhouette another six-pointed star (with no two sides parallel), two points up, the pointed rays larger and of gold, the upper and lower two each bearing a blue five-pointed star, the points of the white six-pointed star resting and centered on the red rays all above a gold convex motto scroll, the ends terminating at and conjoined with the vertical sides of the two lower points of the six-pointed star formed by the gold and red rays, inscribed “BORN OF WAR” in red, the area between the bottom of the star and the top of the scroll pierced.
  • Symbolism : The white six-pointed star with the points on red was suggested by the authorized shoulder sleeve insignia for the unit. The overall shape of the gold rays issuing from the white star was suggested by the sun device on the Philippine flag and together with the red rays suggestive of Japan forms another six-pointed star and refers to the entire Pacific Theater, World War II for which the Sixth US Army was awarded a Meritorious Unit Commendation, alluded to by the red rays, the color of the Meritorious Unit Commendation streamer. The four blue stars refer to New Guinea, Bismarck Archipelago, Leyte and Luzon campaigns in which the Sixth US Army participated, the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation awarded it for service 17 October 1944 to 4 July 1945 being alluded to by the gold rays of the Philippine sun. All elements of the design which simulate a shell burst and allude to the motto “Born of War,” involve the numerical designation of “six”—two six-pointed stars, one consisting of six gold and six red rays, and six stars (two six-pointed and four five-pointed).
  • Background : The distinctive unit insignia was originally approved for Sixth United States Army on 6 September 1968.

Commanding GeneralEdit

# Rank Name Portrait Begin Date End Date
[[]] [[File:|110px]]
GEN Walter Krueger [[File:|110px]] 16 Feb, 1943 28 Jan, 1946
GEN Joseph W. Stilwell [[File:|110px]] 1 Mar, 1946 12 Oct, 1946
* MG George P. Hays [[File:|110px]] 12 Oct, 1946 19 Jun, 1947
GEN Mark W. Clark [[File:|110px]] 19 Jun, 1947 30 Sept, 9149
LTG Albert C. Wedemeyer [[File:|110px]] 1 Oct, 1949 31 Jul, 1951
LTG Joseph M. Swing [[File:|110px]] 1 Aug, 1951 28 Feb, 1954
LTG Willard G. Wyman [[File:|110px]] 1 Mar, 1954 30 Jun, 1955
LTG Robert N. Young [[File:|110px]] 1 Jul, 1955 30 Sept, 1957
LTG Lemuel Mathewson [[File:|110px]] 1 Oct, 1957 5 Jan, 1958
LTG Robert L. Howze [[File:|110px]] 6 Jan, 1958 16 Mar, 1958
LTG Charles D. Palmer [[File:|110px]] 17 Mar, 1958 1959
LTG Robert N. Cannon [[File:|110px]] 1959 1961
LTG John L. Ryan, Jr. [[File:|110px]] Aug, 1961
LTG Frederic J. Brown Frederic J. Brown, CG 6th Army, 63-65 1963 1965
LTG James L. Richardson, Jr. James L. Richardson, Jr. Aug, 1965 1967
Ben Harrell [[File:|110px]] 06 Jul, 1967 1968
LTG Stanley R. Larsen [[File:|110px]] 1968 11 Jul, 1971
LTG Richard G. Stilwell [[File:|110px]] 1972 Jul, 1973
LTG Elvy B. Roberts [[File:|110px]] 1973 1975
Eugene P. Forrester [[File:|110px]]
LTG Frederick F. Woerner, Jr. [[File:|110px]] Apr, 1986
LTG James E. Moore, Jr. [[File:|110px]] Jun, 1987
LTG William H. Harrison [[File:|110px]] Aug, 1989
LTG Glynn C. Mallory, Jr. [[File:|110px]] Sept, 1991 23 Jun, 1995


Name Begin Date End Date
St. Louis, Missouri 1924 1933
Fort Sam Houston, Texas 25 Jan, 1943 1943
Presidio of San Francisco, California 1 Mar, 1946 1994
Fort Sam Houston, Texas 2008 Present


Ribbon Name Streamer Embroidered Decorated
Meritorious Unit Citation Meritorious Unit Citation Pacific Theater 1951
Philippine Republic Presidential Unit Citation Philippine Presidential Unit Citation 17 Oct 1944 - 4 Jul 1945 1950

Campaign ParticipationEdit

World War II Asiatic Pacific Campaign Streamer World War II
New Guinea 1943-1944
Bismarck Archipelago 1943-1944
Leyte 1944-1945
Luzon 1944-1945

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