Olive Drab Service Uniform (closed-collar), 1902 - 1925Edit

Olive-Grab Service Coat (Closed Collar) Olive green peaked cap1


  • Service Coat
    • Closed collar
    • Insignia denoting rank, branch, and country
    • Included 4 pockets on the breast and bottom
    • Included 5 buttons
  • Peaked cap
  • Knee-high boots
    • differed due to Private purchase
  • Sam Brown Belt
    • for wear overseas


  • An Officers Coat was privately purchased and tailored.
  • the A.E.F. authorized Sam Browne belts for wear overseas for officers to distinguish themselves from enlisted men. However, upon returning to the United States, officers had their belts confiscated by military police as they were unauthorized to wear inside CONUS (authorization for wear inside CONUS, 1927).

Olive Drab Service Coat (open-collar), 1925 - 1952Edit

Eisenhower jacket, 1942 - 1961Edit

Chocolate Eisenhower jacket, 1942 - 1956Edit

Tan Eisenhower Jacket, 1942 - 1951Edit

Tan Service Coat, 1942 - 1968Edit

Chocolate Service Uniform, 1945 - 1956Edit

Green Service Coat, 1957 - PresentEdit

Blue Army Service Coat, 1938 - PresentEdit

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