Federal Service AcademiesEdit

Name Established Status
United States Military Academy March 16, 1802 Active
United States Naval Academy October 10, 1845 Active
United States Coast Guard Academy 1915 Active
United States Merchant Marine Academy 1942 Active
United States Air Force Academy April 1, 1954 Active

Senior Military CollegesEdit

Name Start Established Status

Service SchoolsEdit

Name Established Status
Adjutant General's School 14 Jun, 1941
Air Corps Advanced Flying School
Air Corps Basic Flying School
United States Army Air Defense School
Air Corps Engineering School 10 Nov, 1919
Air Corps Primary Flying School 2 Nov, 1931
Air Corps Tactical School 25 Feb, 1920
Air Corps Technical School
Antiaircraft Artillery School 9 Mar, 1942
United States Army Armor School 10 Jul, 1940
Army Finance School
The Army Music School
United States Army War College 27 Nov, 1901 Active
Chemical Warfare School
United States Army Combat Surveillance School
United States Army Field Artillery School 3 Jun, 1911 Active
Cavalry School 10 Feb, 1921 Inactive May, 1955
Chaplain's School
United States Army Civil Affairs School
Coast Artillery School 10 Feb, 1921
United States Army Command and General Staff College 26 Jan, 1882 Active
The Engineer School 1885
United States Army Infantry School 21 Feb, 1907 Active
Industrial College of the Armed Forces 25 Feb, 1924 Active
Judge Advocate School
United States Army Management School
United States Naval War College 6 Oct, 1884 Active
The Ordnance School
Ordnance Specialist's School
United States Army Primary Helicopter School
The Quartermaster Corps School
The Signal School
Signal Officers Training School
The Tank Destroyer School 1 Dec, 1945
United States Women's Army Corps School

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