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Second Service Command
2nd Service Command

Service Command


United States Army

Second Corps Area

  • Activated : August 20, 1920
  • Inactivated : 1941

Second Service Command

  • Activated : 1942
  • Inactivated : 1946

Shoulder Sleeve InsigniaEdit

Description : Square shape 2 5/8 inches. Two white interlocked hollow squares 1 3/8 inches overall, all members 3/8 inch (.95cm) in width, all on a 2 1/4 inch (5.72cm) square dark blue background. The design was approved by the Adjutant General Office on 18 Jul 1941. On 7 Jan 1942 the shoulder sleeve insignia was amended to eliminate an olive drab edge and border, making the insigina borderless and only leaving it with a dark blue background.

Symbolism : The design was arbitrarily selected to represent the Second Service Command. White, being a mixture of all colors, was selected since service commands were often composed of all arms and services. The geometric design represents the command's numeric designation. The dark blue background was common to all the continental service commands.

7.17.1941 - 6.11.1946
2nd Service Command

Commanding General (s)Edit

# Rank Name Photo Begin Date End Date
Commanding General, Second Corps Area
MG Robert L. Bullard Robert L. Bullard 20 Aug, 1920 15 Jan, 1925
MG Charles P. Summerall Summerall, MG2 16 Jan, 1925 20 Nov, 1926
* BG Hugh A. Drum [[File: 20 Nov, 1926 8 Jan, 1927
MG James A. McRae [[File: 8 Jan, 1927 1 Dec, 1927
MG Hanson E. Ely Hanson E. Ely 1 Dec, 1927 30 Nov, 1931
MG Dennis E. Nolan Dennis E. Nolan 31 Nov, 1931 30 Apr, 1936
MG Frank R. McCoy Frank R. McCoy 1 May, 1936 30 Jul, 1938
* BG Evan H. Humphrey Evan H. Humphrey 1938 30 Jul, 1938 5 Nov, 1938
MG Hugh A. Drum Hugh A. Drum (LTG) (1) 5 Nov, 1938 Dec, 1940
MG Irving J. Phillipson Irving J. Phillipson Dec, 1940 15 May, 1942
MG Thomas A. Terry Thomas A. Terry 15 May, 1942 22 Jul, 1942
Commanding General, Second Service Command
MG Thomas A. Terry Thomas A. Terry 22 Jul, 1942 22 Sept, 1945
MG Thomas B. Larkin Thomas B. Larkin 15 Oct, 1945 Feb, 1946
MG Leland S. Hobbs Leland S. Hobbs Feb, 1946 Feb, 1946
MG James A. Van Fleet 110px Feb, 1946 11 Jun, 1946


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