United KingdomEdit

Name Rank Class Date
Bruce A. Fraser Admiral of the Fleet Unknown Unknown
Bernard L. Montgomery Field Marshal First Class 01.16.1947
John C. Tovey Admiral of the Fleet First Class 02.29.1944

United States of AmericaEdit

Name Rank Class Date
Terry de la Mesa Allen, Sr. Major General Second Class
Frederick L. Anderson, Jr. Major General Third Class 02.19.1944
Omar N. Bradley General of the Army First Class 05.17.1945
Mark W. Clark General First Class 11.15.1944
J. Lawton Collins General Second Class
Donald H. Connolly Major General Second Class 04.14.1944
Dwight D. Eisenhower General of the Army First Class 02.19.1944
Leonard T. Gerow General Second Class
Courtney H. Hodges General First Class 05.15.1945
Clarence R. Huebner Lieutenant General Second Class
Alfred A. Kessler, Jr. Major General
George C. Marshall General of the Army First Class 03.24.1944
Joseph T. McNarney General First Class 05.12.1946
Emil F. Reinhardt Major General Second Class
Carl A. Spaatz General Second Class 02.19.1944

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