Theater PatchesEdit

  • European Theater
Insignia Name Date Used
ETO Theater Patch HQ, European Theater 9.30.1943 - 2.25.1944
ETO, Advanced Base patch HQ and Communications Zone, ETO 2.25.1944 - 2.28.1946
USA European Command Army personnel, ETO 3.21.1945 - 8.2.1945
North African Theater North African Theater 9.16.1943 - 12.1947
CBI Theater patch China-Burma-India Theater 10.24.1944 - 10.31.1945
Middle-East Theater of Operations United States Army Forces, Middle-East 6.17.1942 - 9.1943
Middle-East Theater of Operations Africa-Middle East Theater 9.1943 - 5.7.1945
USArmy Pacific Pacific Theater 10.18.1944 - 2.18.1947
General Headquarters, Southwest Pacific General Headquarters, Southwest Pacific
[[File: [[]]

Defense CommandsEdit

Insignia Approved to wear
Alaskan Defense Command Alaska Defense Command 3.24.1943
Caribbean Defense Command Caribbean Defense Command 5.3.1941 - 1.17.1948
[[File: Central Defense Command
Eastern Defense Command Eastern Defense Command 11.27.1943 - 7.8.1946
Southern Defense Command Southern Defense Command 4.20.1943 - 5.6.1947
Western Defense Command Western Defense Command 7.15.1942 - 10.16.1946
Insignia Approved to wear
Antiaircraft Command - Southern Defense Command Antiaircraft Command,
Southern Defense Command
Antiaircraft Command - Eastern Defense Command Antiaircraft Command,
Eastern Defense Command
Antiaircraft Command - Central Defense Command Antiaircraft Command,
Central Defense Command
[[File: [[]]

Base CommandsEdit

Insignia Name Active Approved to wear
London Base Command London Base Command 10.18.1942 - 8.31.1945
Greenland Base Command Greenland Base Command
Iceland Base Command Iceland Base Command 9.3.1941 - 1.1.1946
Labrador Base Command Northeast Canada Base Command 1.4.1943 - 10.1.1945
[[File: Trinidad Base Command
Atlantic Base Command Atlantic Base Commands 8.15.1942 - 2.15.1943
Bermuda Base Command Bermuda Base Command 9.28.1942 - 2.15.1943
[[File: Okinawa Base Command
[[File: Base Command


Insignia Name Active Approved to wear
Puerto Rican Department Puerto Rican Department
Antilles Department
Panama Canal Department Panama Department
Philippine Department Philippine Department 7.8.1922
Hawaiian Department Hawaiian Department 1.10.1922
[[File: [[]]

Service CommandsEdit

Insignia Name Active Approved to wear
1st Service Command First Service Command 11.28.1941 - 6.11.1946
2nd Service Command Second Service Command 7.17.1941 - 6.11.1946
3rd Service Command Third Service Command 7.14.1941 - 6.11.1946
4th Service Command Fourth Service Command 7.4.1941 - 6.11.1946
5th Service Command Fifth Service Command 7.1941 - 6.11.1946
6th Service Command Sixth Service Command 7.19.1941 - 6.11.1946
7th Service Command Seventh Service Command 7.30.1941 - 6.11.1946
8th Service Command Eighth Service Command 7.30.1941 - 6.11.1946
9th Service Command Ninth Service Command 7.30.1941 - 6.11.1946

Various CommandsEdit

Insignia Name Active
Military District of Washington Military District of Washington 9.26.1942
Persian Gulf Command Persian Gulf Command 8.29.1944 - 12.31.1945
South East Asia Command South East Asia Command 10.24.1944 - 10.31.1945
SHAEF patch Supreme Headquarters
Allied Expeditionary Force
12.13.1944 - 8.2.1945
Allied Forces HQ Insignia Allied Forces Headquarters 5.10.1943 - late 40's
Army Ground Forces Replacement Depots Army Ground Forces Replacement Depots 10.6.1943
General Headquarters Reserve General Headquarters Reserve 7.19.1941 - 1.29.1947
Anti-Aircraft Command Anti-Aircraft Command 12.18.1942 - 3.6.1947
Korean Communications Zone Korean Communications Zone 1950s
Northwest Service Command Northwest Service Command 9.4.1942 - 3.23.1943 - 6.30.1945
Japan Logistical Command (created 8.24.50) Japan Logistical Command 8.24.1950 -
United States Representative, China [[]]
[[File: [[]]


Insignia Name Status Active
Infantry School SSI The Infantry School 4.23.1951
Command and General Staff College Command and General Staff College 7.1.1955
Army War College Army War College 10.28.1955
Field Artillery School The Field Artillery School 7.17.1970
[[File: [[]]
[[File: [[]]

Unified Combatant CommandEdit

Insignia Name Status Approved
United States Africa Command (USA Element) United States Africa Command 26 Nov, 2007
United States Central Command (USA Element) United States Central Command 22 Feb, 1991
USA European Command United States European Command 21 Mar, 1945
United States Northern Command (USA Element) United States Northern Command 1 Oct, 2002
United States Pacific Command (USA Element) United States Pacific Command 2 May, 2002
United States Southern Command (USA Element) United States Southern Command 1 Aug, 2003
United States Special Operations Command (USA Element) United States Special Operations Command 15 Sept, 1988
United States Strategic Command (USA Element) United States Strategic Command 12 Aug, 1997
United States Transportation Command (USA Element) United States Transportation Command 7 Dec, 2001
Insignia Name Status Active
United States Joint Forces Command (USA Element) United States Joint Forces Command 18 Aug, 1999

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