Malin Craig
Malin Craig1


Basic Information
Born August 5, 1875
place/birth Saint Joseph, Buchanan County,
Died July 25, 1945 (aged 69)
Place/death Walter Reed Army Medical Center,
Washington, D.C.
Cause/death Illness
Buried at Arlington National Cemetery
Alma mater United States Military Academy
Military Info
Allegiance 40px United States of America
Branch 40px United States Army

Service #

In-depth Career SummaryEdit

Insignia Name Lapel Rank Location Begin Date End Date
Military Career
CDT West Point, New York 20 Jul, 1894 26 Apr, 1898
4th Infantry Regiment 2LT 26 Apr, 1898 23 Jun, 1898
4th Cavalry Regiment 2LT 23 Jun, 1898 31 Dec, 1898
6th Cavalry Regiment 1LT 31 Dec, 1898 11 Aug, 1903
5th Cavalry Regiment 1LT 11 Aug, 1903 7 May, 1904
10th Cavalry Regiment CPT 7 May, 1904 27 Dec, 1904
1st Cavalry Regiment CPT Fort Clark, Texas 27 Dec, 1904 11 Mar, 1911
Army War College
CPT Washington Barracks 1 Dec, 1910 12 Mar, 1911
Maneuver Division C/S 35px CPT Mar, 1911 Aug, 1911
Western Department AC/S 35px CPT San Francisco, California 5 Sept, 1911 15 Sept, 1912
1st Cavalry Regiment ? CPT 1912 1916
Army Service Schools
CPT Fort Leavenworth, Kansas 20 Sept, 1916 15 Jan, 1917
War Department 35px MAJ Washington, D.C. 4 Jun, 1917 16 Aug, 1917
41st Infantry Division C/S 35px LTC 17 Aug, 1917 15 Jan, 1918
I US Corps I United States Corps C/S 35px COL
European Theater 20 Jan, 1918 11 Nov, 1918
Third Army (United States) Third United States Army C/S 35px BG Germany 15 Nob, 1918 2 Jul, 1919
Army War College
COL Washington, D.C. 15 Aug, 1919 1 Jul, 1920
District of Arizona BG Camp Harry Jones, Arizona 15 Jul, 1920 1 Sept, 1921
Cavalry School
BG Fort Riley, Kansas 2 Sept, 1921 1 Sept, 1923
District of Manila & Subic Bay CG BG Manila, Philippines 18 Nov, 1923 10 Jul, 1924
2nd Chief of Cavalry MG Washington, D.C. 24 Jul, 1924 20 Mar, 1926
Assistant Chief of Staff, G-3 35px MG Washington, D.C. 9 Apr, 1926 1 Apr, 1927
Fourth Corps Area CG MG Atlanta, Georgia 1 Apr, 1927 7 Oct, 1927
Panama Canal Division Panama Canal Division CG MG Fort Amador, Panama Canal 13 Oct, 1927 31 Mar, 1928
Panama Canal Department Panama Canal Department CG MG Fort Amador, Panama Canal 1 Apr, 1928 10 Aug, 1930
Ninth Corps Area CG MG San Francisco, California 21 Nov, 1930 24 Jan, 1935
Army War College
MG Washington Barracks 3 Feb, 1935 1 Oct, 1935
14th Chief of Staff,
United States Army
35px GEN Washington, D.C. 2 Oct, 1935 31 Aug, 1939
Secretary of War's Personnel Board,
War Department
GEN Washington, D.C. 26 Sept, 1941 25 Jul, 1945
Civilian Career

Dates of RankEdit

Grade Rank Insignia Name Branch Date of Rank Age Accepted
No Insignia Cadet Regular Army
2nd Lieutenant (US Cavalry alternative)
2nd Lieutenant Regular Army
1st Lieutenant (US Cavalry)
1st Lieutenant Regular Army
Captain (US Cavalry)
Captain Regular Army
Major (US Cavalry)
Major Regular Army
Lieutenant Colonel (US Cavalry)
Lieutenant Colonel Regular Army
Colonel (US Cavalry)
Colonel Regular Army
Brigadier General (USA)
Brigadier General Regular Army
Major General (USA)
Major General Regular Army
O-9 Lieutenant General
O-10 General

Awards and DecorationsEdit

Personal Decorations
Army Distinguished Service Medal (2 Oakleaf) Army Distinguished Service Medal
Service/Campaign Medals
Spanish Campaign Medal Spanish Campaign Medal
Philippine Campaign Medal Philippine Campaign Medal
China Campaign Medal China Campaign Medal
Mexican Border Service Medal Mexican Border Service Medal
World War I Victory Medal (6 Star) World War I Victory Medal
Army of Occupation of Germany Army of Occupation of Germany Medal
American Defense Service Medal American Campaign Medal
American Campaign Medal American Campaign Medal
World War II Victory Medal World War II Victory Medal
State Decorations
Meritorious Service Medal (Missouri) Meritorious Service Medal
U.S. Badges, Patches and Tabs
Army General Staff Identification Badge
(Never worn)
Overseas Service Bar (WWI) Overseas Service Chevron (4)


Spanish-American War

  • Participant

Philippine-American War

  • Participant

Boxer Rebellion

  • Participant

World War I





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