Ludwig Beck
Basic Information
Born June 29, 1880
Biebrich, Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire
Died July 20, 1944 (aged 64)
Berlin, Nazi Germany
Cause/death Suicide
Buried at
Military Information
Allegiance German Empire German Empire
Weimar Republic Weimar Republic
Nazi Germany Nazi Germany
branch 1903-1918 War Ensign Imperial Army (98-19)
Reichswehr Defense Army (19-35)
1935-1945 War Ensign German Army (35-38)
Years of Service 1898-1938
Rank Generaloberst

Ludwig August Theodor Beck (June 29, 1880 – July 20, 1944)

Military AssignmentsEdit

Sleeve Insignia Name Position Headquarters Begin Date End Date

Military & Civilian SchoolsEdit

Dates of RankEdit

Regular Army

Grade Rank Insignia Name Branch Type Date of Rank Age Notes
Fähnrich Artillerie October 8, 1898
O-1 100px Leutnant Artillerie August 18, 1899
O-2 100px Oberleutnant Artillerie September 17, 1909
O-3 Captain (Germany) Hauptmann Artillerie October 1, 1913
O-4 105px Major Artillerie April 18, 1918
O-5 105px Oberstleutnant Artillerie April 15, 1923
O-6 105px Oberst Artillerie November 1, 1927
O-7 Major General (Germany) Generalmajor Artillerie February 1, 1931
O-8 Lieutenant General (Germany) Generalleutnant Artillerie December 1, 1932
O-9 General of... (Germany) General der
Artillerie October 1, 1935
O-10 Colonel General (Germany) Generaloberst Artillerie November 1, 1938

Awards and DecorationsEdit

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