Major General
Johnson Hagood
Johnson Hagood
United States Army

Johnson Hagood, USA (June 16, 1873 - December 22, 1948)


Basic Information
Born June 16, 1873
place/birth Orangeburg, Orangeburg County,
South Carolina
Died December 22, 1948 (aged 75)
Place/death Naval Health Clinic, Charleston,
South Carolina
Buried at Magnolia Cemetery
Spouse Jean Gordon Small
(1898 - ; )
Alma mater United States Military Academy
Military Info
Allegiance 20px United States of America
Branch 20px United States Army

Service #

Military AssignmentsEdit

Insignia Name Position Headquarters Begin Date End Date
Commanding Officer Ft. Fremont, South Carolina November 15, 1899 June 5, 1900
Commanding Officer Sullivan's Island, South Carolina June 6, 1900 August 20, 1901
50px Instructor of Philosophy,
United States Military Academy
August 21, 1901 June 11, 1904
69th Company, Coast Artillery Commanding Officer Ft. Monroe, Virginia June 11, 1904 July 13, 1905
Office, Chief of Artillery Assistant to Chief of Artillery Washington, D.C. July 13, 1905 November 20, 1908
45px Aide-de-camp to Chief of Staff, General Staff Corps November 20, 1908 March 23, 1911
45px Aide-de-camp to Chief of Staff, General Staff Corps April 14, 1911 February 15, 1912
Commanding Officer Ft. Flagler, Washington June 1, 1912 April 3, 1913
Philippine Department Philippine Department Coast Defense Officer Manila, Philippines May 5, 1913 August 1, 1914
Coast Defense of Manila Bay Commanding Officer Manila, Philippines August 2, 1914 September 1, 1915
Coast Defenses Commanding Officer San Francisco, California October 15, 1915 September 1, 1916
Business Men's Training Camp Commanding Officer Salt Lake City, Utah September, 1916 October, 1916
South Atlantic Coast Artillery District Material Officer Charleston, South Carolina October, 1916 July, 1917
7th Regiment, 1st Expeditionary Brigade Commanding Officer Ft. Adams, Rhode Island July 6, 1917 October 24, 1917
Services of Supply (WWI) Services of Supply, Advanced Section Commanding Office Tours, France November 2, 1917 December 1, 1918
Services of Supply (WWI) Services of Supply Chief of Staff Tours, France December 2, 1917 November 12, 1918
30th Coast Artillery Brigade Commanding General Camp Eustis, Virginia November 24, 1919 November, 1920
South Atlantic Coast Artillery District Commanding Officer November, 1920 September, 1921
Commanding General Ft. Stotsenburg, Philippines February 1, 1922 August, 1924
2nd Coast Artillery District Commanding General Ft. Totten, New York August, 1924 March, 1927
Fourth Corps Area CG Atlanta, Georgia 7 Oct, 1925 19 Mar, 1927
Philippine Division Commanding General Fort William McKinley, Philippines 25 Apr, 1927 22 Jun, 1929
Seventh Corps Area Commanding General Omaha, Nebraska 26 Aug, 1929 2 Oct, 1933
Fourth United States Army Commanding General Omaha, Nebraska 15 Aug, 1932 2 Oct, 1933
Third Army (United States) Third United States Army Commanding General Fort Sam Houston, Texas 3 Oct, 1933 27 Feb, 1936
Eighth Corps Area Commanding General Fort Sam Houston, Texas 3 Oct, 1933 27 Feb, 1936
Second United States Army Commanding General Chicago,Illinois 1 May, 1936 31 May, 1936
Sixth Corps Area CG Chicago,Illinois 2 May, 1936 7 May, 1936

Military & Civilian SchoolsEdit

Name Degree Location Begin Date End Date
United States Military Academy B.S. West Point, New York 6/15/1892 6/12/1896
University of South Carolina LL. D. Columbia, South Carolina 1921

Dates of RankEdit

Regular Army

Grade Rank Insignia Name Branch Date of Rank Age Notes
No Insignia Cadet June 15, 1892
O-1 No Insignia Additional
2nd Lieutenant
June 12, 1896
O-1 No Insignia 2nd Lieutenant August 26, 1897
O-2 1st Lieutenant March 2, 1899
O-3 Captain August 1, 1901
O-4 Major March 11, 1911
O-5 Lieutenant Colonel July 26, 1916
O-6 Colonel June 30, 1920
O-7 Brigadier General April 27, 1921 accepted: May 10, 1921
O-8 Major General August 2, 1925
Retired, after 40 Years Service May 31, 1936

National Army (American Expeditionary Force)

Grade Rank Insignia Name Date of Rank Age Notes
O-7 Brigadier General April 12, 1918 accepted: May 3, 1918
Honorable Discharge June 30, 1920

Awards and DecorationsEdit

Army Distinguished Service Medal Spanish War Service Medal
Philippine Campaign Medal Mexican Border Service Medal World War I Victory Medal (2 Star)

Foreign Decorations

Ribbon Name Class Country Issue
Legion of Honour (Commander) Legion of Honor Commander France 5.10.1919
File:Order of the Crown of Italy (Commander).png Order of the Crown Commander Italy
[[File: Order of the Sacred Treasure II Class Japan


World War I World War II




Paternal Family

  • Father: Lee Hagood (Confederate Soldier)
  • Uncle: Johnson Hagood (Confederate Brigadier)
  • Uncle: James R. Hagood (Confederate Soldier)

Step Family

  • Step-Father: James H. Small, Esquire
  • Step-Mother: Charlotte Whaley


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