Foreign DecorationsEdit

example = official date awarded

example = date awarded in person

Ribbon Name Class Country V IV (OF) III (CM) II (GO) I (GC) Special
Order of the Bath Order of the Bath Grand Cross United Kingdom 6/17/1918
Legion of Honour, Grand Cross Legion of Honor Grand Cross France 8/3/1918
Order of Leopold (Grand Cross) Order of Leopold Grand Cross Belgium 12/29/1917
Military Order of Italy Military Order of Italy Grand Cross Italy 12/2/1919
Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus Order of St Maurice & Lazarus Grand Cross Italy 9/29/1918
Virtuti Militari (Poland) Order Virtuti Militari II Class Poland 2/12/1922;
Order of Polonia Restituta Order of Polonia Restituta Poland 3/29/1922;
Order of the Redeemer Order of the Redeemer Greece 11/3/1918
Order of Michael the Brave Order of Michael the Brave Grand Cross Romania 1/30/1920 1/30/1920 1/30/1920
Order of the White Lion (I Class) Order of the White Lion I Class Czechoslovakia
Order of the Star of Karageorge Order of the Star of Karageorge Grand Cross Serbia 11/12/1919
Order of Prince Danilo I Order of Prince Danilo I Grand Cross Montenegro 9/1/1918
Order of the Rising Sun, Grand Cordon Order of the Rising Sun I Class Japan 9/20/1918
Order of the Brilliant Jade I Class China
Order of the Golden Grain Order of the Golden Grain I Class China
Order of the Sun Order of the Sun Grand Cross Peru
Order of the Liberator Order of the Liberator Grand Cross Venezuela


Ribbon Name Country Awarded
Cross of War 1914–1918 Cross of War 1914–1918 Belgium 12/29/1917
War Cross 1918 War Cross 1918 Czechoslovakia 1/17/1919
Médaille militaire Médaille militaire France 8/3/1918
Verdun Medal Verdun Medal France
Médaille Obilitch Médaille Obilitch Montenegro 9/1/1918
Medal of La Solidaridad Medal of La Solidaridad Panama Canal 8/30/1919


  • Freedom of the city of London
  • Verdun Medal (France)

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