Major General
James Albert Woodruff, Sr.
James A. Woodruff
ca. 1938 - 1943


Basic Information
Born June 19, 1877
place/birth Fort Shaw, Cascade County,
Died August 20, 1969
Place/death San Francisco,
Cause/death Unknown
Buried at San Francisco National Cemetery
Spouse Margarett Hubbell
(m. 1904 - 1967; her death)
Alma mater United States Military Academy
Nickname Jim
Nationality Caucasian - American
Military Info
Allegiance 40px United States of America
Branch 40px United States Army
Years/service 15 Jun, 1895 - 15 Feb, 1899
United States Military Academy
15 Feb, 1899 - 30 Jun, 1941
United States Army
15 Dec, 1941 - 1 Aug, 1943
United States Army (Active List)
16 Sept, 1943 - 23 Sept, 1943
United States Army (Active List)
Service # Officer - 748

In-depth Career SummaryEdit

Insignia Name Lapel Rank Location Begin Date End Date
Military Career
[[File: [[|]]
Civilian Career

Dates of RankEdit

Awards and DecorationsEdit

Personal Decorations
Army Distinguished Service Medal Army Distinguished Service Medal
Service/Campaign Medals
Spanish War Service Medal Spanish War Service Medal
Philippine Campaign Medal Philippine Campaign Medal
World War I Victory Medal World War I Victory Medal
American Defense Service Medal American Defense Service Medal
American Campaign Medal American Campaign Medal
World War II Victory Medal World War II Victory Medal
Marksmanship Badges
[[File:|110px]] [[]]
Combat/Special Skill Badges
[[File:|110px]] [[]]
Identification Badges
[[File:|110px]] [[]]
Other Accoutrements
[[File:|110px]] [[]]


  • World War I
  • World War II





[[File: |thumb|left|130px|]] [[File: |thumb|left|130px|]]


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