Devers as Cadet

1909 Howitzer photo

Brigadier General, 1940Edit


Major General, 1940-1942Edit

Jacob L. Devers1
Jacob L. Devers2
Jacob L. Devers23

Lieutenant General, 1942-1945Edit

Jacob L. Devers7
Jacob L. Devers11
Jacob L. Devers (LTG)
Jacob L. Devers10
Jacob L. Devers8
Jacob L. Devers9
Jacob L. Devers12
Jacob L. Devers6

Devers with FDR

King George VI, Admiral Hewitt, Jacob Devers (1944)

King George VI presents Order of the Bath to Devers, 1944

Jacob L. Devers4
Devers and Lattre De Tassigny
Devers, Sir Charles Portal, 1943 UK
Jacob L. Devers24
Jacob L. Devers, De Gaulle

General, 1945-1949Edit

  • CG - Sixth Army Group : 14 Sept 1944 - 30 Jun 1945
Jacob L. Devers

Portrait -

Jacob L. Devers16

Portrait -

Devers Signing the German Surrender in Harr, 1945

05 May 1945

Jacob L. Devers18
Jacob L. Devers20
  • CG - Army Ground / Field Forces : 01 Jul 1945 - 30 Sept 1949
Jacob L. Devers25
Jacob L. Devers15

Portrait -

Jacob L. Devers (GEN)
Jacob L. Devers17
Jacob L. Devers19
Jacob L. Devers22
Devers, his wife Georgie, and Truman, 1949


  • General Dever's wife
Devers wife, V-E day broadcast, 1945


Devers with Kennedy c. 1960s

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