First United States ArmyEdit

Insignia Approved Description Symbolism
Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
[[File: 16 November 1918 (CinC, AEF)
27 May 1922 (War Department)
40px 17 November 1950 (Department / Army) On a background equally divided horizontally white and red,
3 1/4 inches in height and 2 1/2 inches in width at base and
2 1/8 inches in width at top, a black block letter "A",
2 3/4 inches in height, 2 inches in width at base and 1 5/8 inches
in width at top, all members 7/16 inch wide, all enclosed within
a 1/8 inch Army Green border.
The red and white of the background are the colors used
in flags for Armies. The letter "A" represents "Army" and
is also the first letter of the alphabet suggesting "First Army."
Distinctive Unit Insignia
Combat Service Identification Badge

United States Army Cyber Command / Second ArmyEdit

United States Army Central / Third ArmyEdit

Fourth United States ArmyEdit

United States Army North / Fifth ArmyEdit

United States Army South / Sixth ArmyEdit

United States Army Europe / Seventh ArmyEdit

Eighth United States ArmyEdit

United States Army Africa / Ninth ArmyEdit

Tenth ArmyEdit

Fourteenth ArmyEdit

Fifteenth ArmyEdit

United States Army AlaskaEdit

United States Army BerlinEdit

United States Army JapanEdit

United States Army PacificEdit

United States Army VietnamEdit

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