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  • 15 Jun 1775: George Washington appointed General and Commander-in-Chief
  • 1779: Three six-pointed silver stars are worn by Washington as grade insignia.
  • 1902: Grade of General re-established with the insignia of two five-pointed silver stars and a U.S. Eagle.
  • 1917: The insignia changed to four five-pointed silver stars.
  • 1929: Grade of General


Shoulder Insignia Sleeve Uniform Date
General (US Army, 1866) Frock Coat Sleeve Frock Coat 1866 - 1872
General (US Army, 1872) Frock Coat Sleeve Frock Coat 1872 - 1917
Four Star General Dress Epaulette, 1902 1917 Dress Uniform Sleeve Full Dress Uniform 1902 - 1917
General insignia Army OD Uniform Sleeve Olive Drab Uniform 1917 - 1960
Four Star General Dress Epaulette, 1917 1917 Dress Uniform Sleeve Full Dress Uniform 1917 - 1920
Four Star General Shoulder Knot, 1920 [[File:|50px]] Full Dress Uniform 1920 - 1937
General (USA) Blue Army Service Uniform Sleeve Army Blue Service Uniform 1937 - Present
General insignia Army White Uniform Sleeve Army White Uniform 1938 - 2014
General insignia Army Tan Uniform Sleeve Army Tan Uniform 1947 - 1968
General insignia Army Green Uniform Sleeve Army Green Uniform 1960 - 2015
General Insignia (alternate 1980-1994) "Class B" Service Uniform 1980 - 1996
General Insignia (alternate 1994-present) "Class B" Service Uniform 1996 - present

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