Distinguished Service Cross Army Distinguished Service Medal Silver Star Purple Heart

Philippine Campaign Medal Mexican Service Medal World War I Victory Medal Legion of Honour

Croix de Guerre 1914-1918 Order of the White Eagle (Serbia) Order of the Crown (Belgium) Order of Leopold (Knight)

Order of Military Merit (Mexico) War Merit Cross (Italy) Order of Polonia Restituta Order of the White Lion

Order of Military Merit, Grand Cross (Hungary) Star of Abdon Calderon, I Class Order of Faithful Service Cross (Romania) [[File:

Omar BradleyEdit

Omar N. Bradley (GEN) (1) Omar N. Bradley (GEN1) Omar N. Bradley (GEN2) Omar N. Bradley Omar N. Bradley1

Bruce ClarkeEdit

Bruce C. Clarke, 7.1955 Bruce C. Clarke, Willy Brandt (7.5.61) Bruce C. Clarke11 Bruce C. Clarke10 Bruce C. Clarke9 Bruce C. Clarke8 Bruce C. Clarke7 Bruce C. Clarke5 Bruce C. Clarke4 Bruce C. Clarke3 100px Bruce C. Clarke


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