General of Infantry
Erich Abraham
Erich Abraham
Basic Information
Born March 27, 1895
Marienburg, Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire
Died March 7, 1971
Wiesbaden, West Germany
Buried at South Cemetery in Wiesbaden
Military Information
Allegiance German Empire German Empire
Weimar Republic Weimar Republic
Nazi Germany Nazi Germany
branch 1903-1918 War Ensign Imperial Army (14-19)
Reichswehr Defense Army (19-35)
1935-1945 War Ensign German Army (35-45)
Years of Service 1914–1945
Rank General of Infantry

Erich Abraham (March 27, 1895 - March 7, 1971)

Military AssignmentsEdit

Sleeve Insignia Name Position Headquarters Begin Date End Date

Military & Civilian SchoolsEdit

Dates of RankEdit

Regular Army

Grade Rank Insignia Name Branch Insignia Date of Rank Age Notes
Enlisted December 6, 1914
July 10, 1915
O-1 100px Leutnant Reserve July 11, 1915
O-2 100px Oberleutnant Reserve September 9, 1920
O-4 105px Major Infanterie October 15, 1935
O-5 105px Oberstleutnant Infanterie September 30, 1938
O-6 105px Oberst Infanterie August 14, 1941
O-7 Major General (Germany) Generalmajor Infanterie May 15, 1943
O-8 Lieutenant General (Germany) Generalleutnant Infanterie March 20, 1944
O-9 General of... (Germany) General der
Infanterie February 26, 1945


Grade Name Branch Insignia Age
O-1 2nd Lieutenant May 21, 1920
O-2 1st Lieutenant June 14, 1920
O-3 Captain April 9, 1925
O-4 Major April 20, 1934

Awards and DecorationsEdit

Ribbon Name Class Country Issue
Iron Cross, 1813 Iron Cross, 1914 I class Kingdom of Prussia 1915/17
Iron Cross, 1939 Iron Cross, 1939 I class Nazi Germany
Eastern Front Medal Eastern Front Medal - Nazi Germany 1941/42
Cross of Honor (Germany) Cross of Honor Combatant Nazi Germany
West Wall Medal West Wall Medal - Nazi Germany
Heer Long Service Award, IV & II Class Wehrmacht Long Service Medal I class Nazi Germany
Heer Long Service Award, III & I Class Wehrmacht Long Service Medal IV class Nazi Germany
Military Merit Cross (Austria-Hungary) Military Merit Cross III class Austria-Hungary 1917
Medal of Valor (Italy) Medal of Valor - Italy
[[File: Order of the Crown Commander Romania
Assault Badge
Order of the
German Cross
Knight's Cross
of the
Iron Cross
Iron Cross
1939 clasp
1943 Order Of The German Cross (Gold Class) Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross Iron Cross 1939 clasp



Erich Abraham (3)

Lieutenant General, c. 1944

Erich Abraham (2)

General of the Infantry, 1945