Courtney H. Hodges

National Guard


2nd Lieutenant

Lieutenant Colonel (temp.), 1918-1920

Major, 1920-1934

Marshall with Infantry School Staff
Infantry Board 1931
Infantry Board 1932
Infantry Board 1933

Lieutenant Colonel, 1934-1938

Colonel, 1938-1940


Brigadier General, 1940-1941


Major General, 1941-1942

Lieutenant General, 1943-1945


Bradley, King George VI, Eisenhower, Hodges
Bradley, Hodges
Mclain, Kean, Bradley, Hodges, Simpson Nov, 22, 1944
Collins, Barton, Rose, Hodges, Kean Nov 23, 1944

Hodges, Browning, Nov 30, 1944
Bradley, Hodges, Simpson, Patton Feb 2, 1945
Eisenhower, Bradley, Hodges Feb 6, 1945
Hodges, Juin, March 9, 1945

Hodges, Rose March 24, 1945
Hodges, Collins, Rose
Eisenhower, Bradley, Hodges, Collins 3-26-1945
Patton, Bradely, Hodges, Eisenhower

Patton, Bradely, Hodges, Eisenhower2
Patton, Bradely, Hodges, Eisenhower3
Hodges awards Bronze Star to Major Sylvan 3-29-1945

Unknown Dates for these pictures

Hodges, Tedder, Eisenhower, Montgomery
Hodges, Montgomery, Simpson
Monty and Hodges, outside Frist Army HQ

General, 1945-1949

File:Courtney H. Hodges43.png

Collins, Hodges 4-27-1945
Courtney H. Hodges30
Courtney H. Hodges31

Courtney H. Hodges39 Hodges, Baklanov 4-30-1945 Hodges, Hay Boyle, Jack Thompson May 9, 1945 Hodges and Ruth B. Grinell

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170px 170px

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