No. Rank Name Photo Term of Office Reason Year Entered into Permanent
Began Ended Days of
Lieutenant General Thomas W. Dunn 31 Mar 1962 01 Nov 1963 Relieved
- Major General Harvey J. Jablonsky 01 Nov 1963 03 Jan 1964 Relieved
Lieutenant General Harvey H. Fischer 03 Jan 1964 28 Feb 1965 Relieved
Lieutenant General Ralph E. Haines, Jr. 1965 1967 Relieved
Lieutenant General George R. Mathers 1967 1968 Relieved
Beverley E. Powell Beverley E. Powell (LTG) 1968 1971
Lieutenant General George P. Seneff, Jr. 30 Jul 1971 00 Oct 1973 Relieved 1941 (USMA)
Lieutenant General Robert Shoemaker 197? 30 Nov 1977
Lieutenant General Marvin G. Fuller 30 Nov 1977 1976

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