No. Rank Name Photo Term of Office Reason Year Entered into Permanent
Began Ended Days of
Commanding General - 29th Division (Army National Guard)
- Brigadier General Charles W. Barber 07.28.1917 08.25.1917 1901
Major General Charles G. Morton Charles G. Morton (MG) (1) 08.25.1917 05.22.1919 1883 (United States Military Academy)
Major General Anton Stephan
(D.C. Army National Guard)
07.31.1923 04.10.1934 -
Major General Milton A. Reckord
(Maryland Army National Guard)
Milton A. Reckord (MG - MANG) (1) 04.14.1934 02.00.1942 -
Commanding General - 29th Infantry Division (Army National Guard)
Major General Leonard T. Gerow Leonard T. Gerow (LTG) (1) 02.16.1942 07.17.1943 1911 (Virginia Military Institute)
Major General Charles H. Gerhardt Charles H. Gerhardt (MG) (1) 07.00.1943 01.17.1946 1917 (United States Military Academy)
Commanding General - 29th Infantry Division (Light) (Army National Guard)
16th Major General H. Steven Blum
(Maryland Army National Guard)
H. Steven Blum (LTG - MANG) (2) 08.01.1999 08.03.2002 1098 -
17th Major General Daniel E. Long, Jr.
(Virginia Army National Guard)
Daniel E. Long, Jr. (MG - VANG) 08.03.2002 11.06.2004 0826 -
18th Major General Arthur H. Wyman
(Massachusetts Army National Guard)
Arthur H. Wyman (BG - MANG) 11.06.2004 09.09.2007 1037 -
19th Major General Grant L. Hayden
(Maryland Army National Guard)
09.09.2007 01.05.2010 0849 -
20th Major General Frank E. Batts
(Virginia Army National Guard)
Frank E. Batts (MG - VANG) 01.05.2010 10.07.2012 1006 -
21st Major General Charles W. Whittington, Jr.
(Maryland Army National Guard)
Charles W. Whittington, Jr. (BG - MANG) 10.07.2012 Incumbent -

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