Commander-in-Chief, Far East
Basic Information
United States Department of Defense
Part of Unified Combatant Command
Reports to Secretary of Defense
Seat Tokyo, Japan
Appointer The President
Billet 30px General
Formation 01 January 1947
First holder GOA Douglas MacArthur
Deputy n/a
Website n/a

Commander-in-Chief, Far East CommandEdit

No. Rank Name Photo Term of Office Reason Regular Service
Began Ended Days of
1st General of the Army Douglas MacArthur [[File: 01 January 1947 11 April 1951
2nd General Matthew B. Ridgway [[File: 11 April 1951 12 May 1952
3rd General Mark W. Clark [[File: 12 May 1952 07 October 1953
4th General John E. Hull [[File: 07 October 1953 30 April 1955
5th General Lyman L. Lemnitzer [[File: 05 June 1955 01 July 1957

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