Office, Commandant of School of Musketry / Infantry School of Arms was established February 21, 1907


# Photo Rank Name Garrison/HQ Begin Date End Date
1. Joseph Garrard COL Joseph Garrard Monterey, California April 1, 1907 September 30, 1907
2. George W. McIver LTC George W. McIver Monterey, California November 8, 1907 June 30, 1911
3. COL Samuel W. Miller Monterey, California /
Fort Sill, Oklahoma
July 1, 1911 October 14, 1914
Richard M. Blatchford (bust) COL Richard M. Blatchford Fort Sill, Oklahoma February, 1915 1915
William A. Mann BG William A. Mann Fort Sill, Oklahoma May, 1915 April, 1916
Charles S. Farnsworth COL Charles S. Farnsworth Fort Sill, Oklahoma June 28, 1917 August 23, 1917
LTC Hugh D. Wise Fort Sill, Oklahoma September, 1917 March 13, 1918
COL Samuel W. Miller Fort Sill, Oklahoma April 13, 1918 October 15, 1918

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