Chief of Military HistoryEdit

Name Photo Term Began Term Ended Y M D Reason
MG Harry J. Malony [[File:|110px]] 12 Jul, 1946 31 Mar, 1949
MG Orlando Ward [[File:|110px]] 1 Apr, 1949 31 Jan, 1953
MG Albert C. Smith [[File:|110px]] 1 Feb, 1953 9 Sept, 1955
MG John H. Stokes, Jr. [[File:|110px]] 6 Feb, 1956 17 Oct, 1956
MG Richard W. Stephens [[File:|110px]] 18 Oct, 1956
BG William A. Stofft [[File:|110px]] Jul, 1985 Jul, 1989
BG Harold W. Nelson [[File:|110px]] May, 1990 1994
BG John W. Mountcastle [[File:|110px]] Oct, 1994 1998
BG John S. Brown John S. Brown Dec, 1998 Oct, 2005
[[]] [[File:|110px]]

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