Lieutenant Colonel
Alexander S. B. Keyes
Alexander Keyes
Born July 28, 1846
  • Dedham, Massachusetts
Died July 2, 1909 (63)
  • San Diego,
Buried at San Francisco National Cemetery
Military Info
Allegiance 20px United States
branch 20px United States Army
Years of Service 1863-1896
Rank 12px Lieutenant Colonel

Military AssignmentsEdit

Sleeve Insignia Name Position Headquarters Begin Date End Date

Military & Civilian SchoolsEdit

Dates of RankEdit

Regular Army

Grade Rank Insignia Name Branch Insignia Date of Rank Age Notes
O-1 No Insignia 2nd Lieutenant February 23, 1866 20 accepted: April 24, 1866
O-2 1st Lieutenant February 9, 1867 20
1st Lieutenant April 2, 1870 23
O-3 Captain December 6, 1873 27
O-4 Major October 20, 1892 46
Retired (Disability in Line of Duty) August 27, 1896 50
O-5 Lieutenant Colonel Retired List April 23, 1904 57


  • Wife: Virginia Maxwell Keyes
  • Son: LG Geoffrey Keyes
  • Son: Maxwell Keyes
  • Father: Edward L. Keyes
  • Mother: Lucy Brooks


  • American Civil War

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