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Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
Distinctive Unit Insignia


Allegiance US Flag United States of America
Branch US Department of the Army Seal United States Army
Current HQ


United States Army

  • Organized :
  • Demobilized :

United States National Guard

  • Constituted :
  • Demobilized :

Shoulder Sleeve InsigniaEdit

  • Description :
  • Symbolism :

Commanding GeneralEdit

Name Garrison/HQ Begin Date End Date
BG David O. Byars [[File:|110px]] Aug, 1966 Sept, 1966
MG Arthur S. Collins, Jr. [[File:|110px]] Sept, 1966 Jan, 1967
MG William R. Peers [[File:|110px]] Jan, 1967 Jan, 1968
MG Charles P. Stone [[File:|110px]] Jan, 1968 Nov, 1968
MG Donn R. Pepke [[File:|110px]] Nov, 1968 Nov, 1969
MG Glenn D. Walker [[File:|110px]] Nov, 1969 Jul, 1970
MG William A. Burke [[File:|110px]] Jul, 1970 Dec, 1970
* BG Maurice K. Kendall [[File:|110px]] Dec, 1970
MG David G. Perkins [[File:|110px]] 16 Nov, 2011
MG Joseph Anderson [[File:|110px]] 16 Nov, 2011 14 Mar, 2013
MG Paul J. LaCamera Paul J. LaCamera 14 Mar, 2013 Incumbent
[[]] [[File:|110px]]


Campaign ParticipationEdit

Engagement Commander

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