List of Commanding GeneralsEdit

# Rank Name Photo Begin Date End Date
1st Division
1st MG William L. Sibert [[File: 8 Jun, 1917
2nd MG Robert L. Bullard [[File: 14 Dec, 1917
- BG Beaumont B. Buck [[File: 5 Apr, 1918
3rd MG Robert L. Bullard [[File: 13 Apr, 1918
4th MG Charles P. Summerall [[File: 15 Jul, 1918
- BG Frank E. Bamford [[File: 12 Oct, 1918
5th BG Frank Parker [[File: 18 Oct, 1918
6th MG Edward F. McGlachlin, Jr. [[File: 21 Nov, 1918
- BG Francis C. Marshall [[File: 10 May, 1919
6th MG Edward F. McGlachlin, Jr. [[File: 19 May, 1919
- BG Frank E. Bamford [[File: 29 Jun, 1919
- BG Augustine McIntyre [[File: 1 Jul, 1919
6th MG Edward F. McGlachlin, Jr. [[File: 4 Jul, 1919
- COL Robert A. Brown [[File: 12 Jul, 1919
6th MG Edward F. McGlachlin, Jr. [[File: 16 Jul, 1919
- BG Frank E. Bamford [[File: 21 Jul, 1919
6th MG Edward F. McGlachlin, Jr. [[File: 24 Jul, 1919
MG Charles P. Summerall [[File: 18 Sept, 1919
MG David C. Shanks [[File:
BG William S. Graves [[File:
MG Harry C. Hale [[File:
BG William S. Graves [[File:
MG Preston Brown [[File:
BG Frank S. Parker [[File:
BG Hugh A. Drum [[File:
MG Fox Connor [[File:
MG Hugh A. Drum [[File:
BG William P. Jackson [[File:
MG Briant H. Wells [[File:
BG William P. Jackson [[File:
MG Lucius R. Holbrook [[File:
BG Charles D. Roberts [[File:
MG Frank S. Parker [[File:
MG Stanley H. Ford [[File:
BG Perry L. Miles [[File:
COL William P. Ennis [[File:
BG Walter C. Short [[File:
BG Lawrence Halstead [[File:
BG Walter C. Short [[File:
MG Karl Truesdell [[File:
MG Donald C. Cubbison [[File:
MG Terry de la Mesa Allen, Sr. [[File: May, 1942 1 Aug, 1942
1st Infantry Division
MG Terry de la Mesa Allen, Sr. [[File: 1 Aug, 1942
MG Clarence R. Huebner [[File:
MG Clift Andrus [[File:
MG Frank W. Milburn [[File:
BG Ralph J. Canine [[File:
MG John E. Dahlquist [[File:
MG Thomas S. Timberman [[File:
MG Charles T. Lanham [[File:
MG Guy S. Meloy, Jr. [[File:
MG Willis S. Matthews [[File:
MG David H. Buchanan [[File:
BG Forrest Caraway [[File:
MG Harvey H. Fischer [[File:
BG John A. Seitz [[File:
MG Theodore W. Parker [[File:
BG John A. Berry, Jr. [[File:
BG William B. Kunzig [[File:
MG John F. Ruggles [[File:
MG Arthur W. Oberbeck [[File:
MG Jonathan O. Seaman [[File:
MG William E. DuPuy [[File:
MG John H. Hay, Jr. [[File:
MG Keith L. Ware [[File:
MG Orwin C. Talbott [[File:
MG Albert E. Milloy [[File:
BG John Q. Henion [[File:
MG Robert R. Linvill [[File:
MG Edward M. Flanagan, Jr. [[File:
MG Gordon J. Duquemin [[File:
MG Marvin D. Fuller [[File:
MG Calvert P. Benedict [[File:
MG Phillip Kaplan [[File:
MG Edward A. Partain [[File:
MG Neal Creighton [[File:
MG Ronald L. Watts [[File:
MG Leonard P. Wishart III [[File:
MG Gordon R. Sullivan [[File:
MG Thomas G. Rhame [[File:
MG William W. Hartzog [[File:
MG Josue J. Robles, Jr. [[File:
MG Randolph W. House [[File:
MG Montgomery C. Meigs [[File:
MG David L. Grange [[File:
MG John P. Abizaid [[File:
MG Bantz J. Craddock [[File:
MG John R. S. Batiste [[File:
MG Kenneth W. Hunzeker [[File:
MG Carter F. Ham [[File:
MG Robert E. Durbin [[File:
BG Perry L. Wiggins [[File:
MG Vincent K. Brooks [[File: 25 May, 2011
MG William C. Mayville, Jr. [[File: 25 May, 2011 Present

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